You wouldn’t try to drive very far with your car on empty, so why do so many of us try to go through our days without eating?  Food is our fuel, something we absolutely and unconditionally need each day.  Trying to get through your day without any fuel in your tank is...

Okay let's clear the air, I've been lying...Sort of.  I've been saying "diets don't work" for years, mainly as a way to show people the light. A quick soundbite that summarizes why I do what I do (as a non-diet dietitian) in 3 little words. But it's not entirely accura...

With racial and gender inequality being at the forefront of today's social justice movements, it's time to add weight to the list of unacceptable discrimination.

What do you value in the people you surround yourself with? Authenticity, loyalty, responsibility, kindness... the list can go on and on.

Where is healthy eating and running marathons on your list? 

Nowhere? Good.

Now stop moralizing food choices ("I'm being bad today") a...

Our society’s collective plan to diet come January 1st actually leads to increased overeating and binging during the holiday eating season. Ultimately, the fear of weight gain and normalized overindulgence around the holidays has created a culture-wide manifestation o...

  • There is not a single diet that science has shown to help people keep weight off long term.  80% of people gain the weight back within a year, and between 95-97% gain it all back within 5 years.

    • Unless you define “work” as something that you might be able t...

  • Literally means “one who has eaten oneself to fatness/corpulence.”

  • It is assigning a disease state just based on how one looks

    • We don’t do this for other diseases.

  • I honestly don't think this needs any more bullet points. 

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