Why I don't "do" diets

  • There is not a single diet that science has shown to help people keep weight off long term. 80% of people gain the weight back within a year, and between 95-97% gain it all back within 5 years.

  • Unless you define “work” as something that you might be able to do but it will make you miserable and then there’s more than a 95% chance it will just reverse itself…

  • I refuse to be a part of the $66 billion per year diet industry...Also known as the weight cycling industry... AKA the “let’s make everyone hate themselves and not appreciate what they DO have” industry

  • In reality, normalizing your eating habits might lead to weight loss. It also might lead to weight gain. It also might stay exactly the same. Weight isn’t the point of what I do; helping others learn to have a healthy relationship with food is.