Nutrition Therapy & Coaching

Eating Disorder Recovery

Our culture's obsession with thinness and "clean eating" has also led to the normalization of disordered eating, which can make recovery extremely challenging.


 If you are beginning to recognize that your eating has become problematic, we can work together to sort it out and find what feels good for you again. If you have struggled for some time or are stepping down from a higher level of care, I am happy to work closely with the rest of your treatment team to coordinate your care. 


Our work will involve exploring the intersection of food, environment, and mental well-being, and creating an individualized plan to get (and keep) you on track towards food freedom.

Health & Wellness

What would it take for you to feel good in your body?  Probably not another rigid, restrictive diet, which are super exhausting and lead to feelings of failure. ​


 I help people feel better physically and mentally by utilizing the Health At Every Size approach, which allows for nuance and diversity in body size and recognizes that health status is not determined by our weight.

I will help you rediscover your hunger cues, work on balanced eating, and figure out what types of movement might be enjoyable. These are skills that will last you a lifetime, instead of starting over with a new set of rules to follow each time a new fad diet hits the market.